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Military Advocates SA was established by Plympton Glenelg RSL. It has a client base of around 2,500. It is an anchor tenant at the Repat Veteran Wellbeing Centre*. It focuses on Compensation and Wellbeing Advocacy.


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Formerly Plympton Veterans Centre


Military Advocates SA is a not for profit organisation helping South Australian veterans and their families in times of injury, illness and crisis.

We have experienced Compensation and Wellbeing Advocates that can assist veterans and their families with Department of Veteran Affairs claims, advocacy at the Veterans Review Board, counselling support during a crisis or death of a loved one, and with financial assistance.

Our Compensation Advocates

Our Compensation Advocates can:

  • Assist you to complete “Investigation Ready” claims for injuries/diseases caused by your Defence service.
  • Act as your representative whilst the claim is being processed and can be contacted for updates and advice on your claim and DVA’s processes and benefits available under the relevant Acts.
  • Provide advice and lodge reviews and appeals and represent you with DVA reviews and the Veteran Review Board (VRB) appeals.

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Our Wellbeing Advocates

Our Wellbeing Advocates are able to provide assistance with organising the necessary support for you whether you are a veteran, spouse, widow/widower, or family member.

Our Wellbeing Advocates can assist with:

  • Wills and ensuring financial and legal affairs are in order, or
  • Helping during a time of bereavement.
  • Information on health and rehabilitation,
  • Housing and accommodation
  • Transport, household assistance,
  • Education schemes and other Government or community services and benefits.

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We are independent and all of our services are free of charge.

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